Ensuring a smile for our community by tackling food insecurity

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SADC is involved in various agricultural projects to increase food production by improving and diversifying crops and introducing new high yield varieties such as maize, bananas, beans, and cassava within communities. The development of family kitchen gardens is helping to increase and diversify the production of vegetables with immediate result that the nutrition of people mainly vulnerable one is improved.                                                       

Agriculture has always been and remains foundational to food security and economic growth in Burundi. Performance in the agricultural sector has been affected by the socio-political crisis, climate change, lack of improved inputs and the poverty level of communities. Most of the population relies on subsistence farming and it has therefore been imperative to develop new and improved agricultural techniques in order to avoid famine and hunger.

The Province of the Anglican Church of Burundi is seeking to make an impact particularly in the poorest communities by providing training, tools, materials and improved seeds. Farmers are actively involved in activities that protect their land and reduce the vulnerability of their families and communities.

A rapidly increasing population in Burundi is resulting in a growing demand for land. The mountainous, steeply sloping terrain in much of the country is subject to wind and rainwater erosion. As land becomes scarcer and less fertile significant socio-economic and environmental threats increase.

Across the country an integrated approach has been developed to stabilise the soil, to restore and increase its fertility and to manage water. SADC promotes establishment of trenches for excess water, along which a double row of grass is an option to provide fodder for animals. 


SADC is committed to contributing to the improvement of life conditions of Burundian communities, advocating for equitable social justice

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SADC is involved in various agricultural projects to increase food production.....


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