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Youth & Education

Education is part of many of the SADC’s projects. Education is helping young people to re-think their attitudes to disability as well as working to improve the lives of those with disabilities and those marginalised for other reasons. SADC is aware of the importance of engaging now the young generation for a future stability and sustainable development. As the population of Burundi is mainly dominated by the youth, the better future of Burundian Community will depend on how skilled and committed young people are today.

In its interventions, SADC makes sure that youth is fully included and is acquiring skills that will help them to address common and individual issues and shape their future.  

The challenges that community in general is facing need combined efforts and active commitment of all community members to be addressed. As those challenges are complex and not likely to be solved immediately, SADC is committed to building community resilience with a particular focus on youth.

There is a need of promoting life skills in addition to the formal education for youth in order to enable young people to explore various ways to be more resilient and innovative for sustainable development. Those skills would enable communities to address issues including but not limited to globalization, climate change, limited resources, increasing poverty, environmental pollution, reproductive health, gender based violence and peace building which have a significant impact on the world of work, socialization and well-being


SADC is committed to contributing to the improvement of life conditions of Burundian communities, advocating for equitable social justice

What we do


SADC is involved in various agricultural projects to increase food production.....


Youth & Education

Education is part of many of the SADC’s projects. Education is helping young people



It is acknowledged internationally that developing countries are likely be......


Gender, Justice and Peace

In its Understanding, SADC considers gender equity and social inclusion


The community health

As it continues to expand its health related programmes, the SADC is seeking


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