Anglican Service for Community Development (SADC) and Christian Aid Burundi have launched a new project of promoting climate resilience and sustainable energy for community of Rutana Province.

According to results from analysts and various predictions, Burundi is likely to face climate changes that will certainly affect people’s life mainly in the field of agriculture as irregular rain falls and soil degradation threaten the agriculture sector while the majority of the population relies on it for their survive.

The Province of Rutana is identified as one of the most vulnerable locations where climate change can cause damages like flooding, land sliding, and drought, decreased agriculture production and extreme cases of destruction of houses due to heavy rains.

WhatsApp Image 2023 09 27 at 14.45.05Key stakeholders like personnel from the ministry of agriculture and environment, administrative staff, representative of community development entities and top leaders of local NGOs have participated to the launching. The Climate Change, Adaptation and Sustainable Energy project will focus on community awareness of climate changes and build their capacity to assess and apply resilient mechanism to minimize negative impacts of climate changes.

The administration of Rutana appreciates its partners ‘contribution for the projects Implemented that are enabling the population to acquire skills and strategies required to be more resilient.

Participants to the launching session have highlighted key interventions to be implemented. Those interventions will include the intensification of reforestation, good water source management, digging trenches, advocate for effective environment laws, acquire and promote modern agriculture techniques. CCASE project is likely to enable the most vulnerable people to increase agriculture production and protect their lands.

Every year, the population of Burundi experiences effects of climate changes that affect negatively their life in many localities. Fields are devastated by flooding; crops are washed away by rivers that overflow, cows killed by hails, houses destroyed.

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