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Community health

As it continues to expand its health related programmes, the SADC is seeking to work collaboratively with the government and other agencies by sharing experiences and resources, and looking at ways to enhance facilities and encourage good health related practices. The initiatives aim to examine issues such as reproductive health, the reduction of maternal and infant mortality, the prevention of transmission of HIV, addressing epidemic diseases and improve nutritional status of children and pregnant and lactating women.

The challenges in the health sector are immense in terms of improved quality services and infrastructures, inadequate financial and material resources, and few well trained and experienced personnel particularly in the rural areas. Efforts made by different actors towards prevention and behaviour changes on grassroots are bringing desired impacts and is still one of the best ways to address health issues in communities.

Through its integrated health programmes SADC is seeking to assist those most at risk especially children, orphans, youth, and women.

Malaria continues to be the leading cause of death in Burundi especially among women and children. SADC is actively engaged in a comprehensive programme benefiting community involving education about malaria and the use of mosquito nets and the monitoring of their proper use.

The SADC is committed to engaging with some networks and believes in strong and comprehensive partnership for a proper and sustainable response to health issues. As the development of the country is threatened by a high demographic rate, SADC has in its priorities the contribution to the raising awareness of people on uncontrolled birth. A particular focus on religious leaders, youth and young couples is a current strategic orientation of SADC’s intervention.

In order to promote Sexual and Reproductive health among young people, the program targets older teenagers and young adults with life skills regarding behaviour changes and responsible conducts that is likely to prevent life compromise.

In the context of epidemic and pandemic outbreak, SADC seeks to build capacities that enable community particularly vulnerable people to become more resilient and resist to those disasters.


SADC is committed to contributing to the improvement of life conditions of Burundian communities, advocating for equitable social justice

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As it continues to expand its health related programmes, the SADC is seeking


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