Climate change-Investing in resilient agriculture may be a reliable alternative

Climate change-Investing in resilient agriculture may be a reliable alternative

Disruption of agricultural seasons has been one of the major challenges for agriculture in Burundi for several decades with too harmful consequences for almost the entire population particularly farmers whose life is mainly based on subsistence agriculture. Although the Burundian soil is favorable to the diversity of crops, access to improved seeds and to skills related to modern agricultural methods are still lacking for a large majority of the population.

In addition to this challenge the climate disturbances lead to a lack of food production. At the markets, a sudden rise of price is worsening the precarious situation that was already threatening a lot of people. The most vulnerable families are the most affected.

Although this situation is difficult for many, hope does not dissipate as the population continues to exploit the land as best they can.

In the communities engaged in climate resilience program implemented by the Anglican Service for Community Development farms cultivated by the participants in this program show a great difference following a series of methods employed and the varieties of seeds used by the farmers.

These farmers who, yesterday, were in the category of several other people with limited capacities to cope with the effects of climate change, say they have seen the benefits of resilient agriculture.

However, in some areas, heavy rains continue to wreak havoc and several fields do not leave much hope to farmers who unfortunately do not have many alternatives.

Intense rain and hail have hit several localities in recent days leaving people dismayed following the loss of homes and fields.

Efforts in the fight for climate resilience are a necessity for everyone, especially farmers, by applying various agricultural techniques and considering alternative solutions in the event of extreme disturbances.

For those involved in the protection of the environment, these climatic hazards constitute irrefutable proof of climate impacts that require the active involvement of everyone and encourage them to take concrete actions to reduce the effects.

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