Gender equity and Social Inclusion

Gender equity and Social Inclusion

Thinking of the victims of gender-based violence, sharing their pain, acting by providing them with the support they need and not turning a blind eye to these acts, this is the spirit that should characterize anyone to combat gender based violence according to the strategy of SADC.

Social justice and gender inclusion in all areas is one of the strategies considered by SADC to respond effectively to cases of violence. Guaranteeing the same rights between men and women is still a source of debate that some even find to be a source of frustration and conflict between male and female.The inequality between the sharing of opportunities adds another aspect that reinforces the gap between men and women.In its mission, the SADC relies on the capacity building of women and advocacy in favor of survivors to support them in the restoration of their rights and access to appropriate services.Among the activities carried out in recent months are, among other things, the organization of discussion forums between community actors who have an essential role to play in the prevention of gender based violence, the organization of events aimed at enhancing the capacity of women and girls and social cohesion activities in order to enable the population to access to the messages promoting social inclusion.To this was added the assistance provided to women and girls in extreme precarious situations by supporting them with certain basic needs. Legal, psychological and medical assistance are also among the services on which SADC focuses.

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